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Talend's Data Fabric provides with a Powerful toolset to efficiently manage data assets. Artha Solutions leverage Talend’s wide breadth of open source, middleware solutions that address both data management and application integration requirements. Industry Leaders around the globe trust Artha solution’s expertise in managing critical data and transform and mediate.

Our Gold Partnership with Talend, enable us to provide expert data management solutions such as:

  • Data Integration (DI)
  • Master Data Management(MDM)
  • Big Data Integration
  • Data Quality
  • Cloud Integration
  • Data Preparation
  • Application Integration
  • Business Process Management(BPM)
  • Talend Data Fabric: A Big Data tool that extends Talend Platform for Big Data with teamwork and management features.
  • Talend Platform for Data Management: A powerful and versatile big data integration and data quality solution that simplifies the loading, extraction and processing of large and diverse data sets so you can make more informed and timely decisions.
Our World's Fastest MDM Rollout

Our Case Studies:

Retail - Integration

Retail- Integration: Case Study

retail integration case study
  • A Premier Canadian Shoe Company Owns & Operates World Wide Shoe & Accessory Stores
  • Integrate Enterprise Application to Ensure the Seamless Data Flow to Improve the Customer Experience & Business Efficiencies
Business Requirement
  • Integrate Order Processing Transactional System with Ecommerce Application
  • Integrate Retail POS Systems with the Order Processing & Fulfillment Systems
  • Create Master Data for Customer Data
  • Integrate Payment Gateways & Shipping Carries with the Transactional Systems
  • Fully Integrated Systems with the Data flow Synchronization to Meet the Business Needs
  • Reduction in Manual Processes, Reduction of Errors, Saving Labor Costs & Time, Optimum Inventory, Reduced Returns and Wrong Shipments
  • Improved Overall Customer Satisfaction & Business Growth
Our Solution
Strategy Phase:
  • Define Current Objective and the to-be State
  • Create Business Alignment to the to-be State
Architecture & Design:
  • Integration Solution Architecture using Talend
  • Talend MDM Deployment
  • Overall Architecture Design using the Talend ESB
  • Built Integrations for:
    • Ecommerce Application to Order Management Covering:
      • Order Creation in the Order Processing System from Ecommerce
      • Update Order Status Back in Ecommerce Application
      • Post Code Address Validation
      • Inventory Reservation Based on Orders
      • Inventory Synchronization to Reflect on-hand Quantity
      • Confirm the Order & Send the Information to all Systems
      • Process Adjustments & Update Inventory
      • Manage Cancellation of Orders
      • Integrate the Details of Returns
    • Integrations to Payment Gateways for Debit & Credit Card Processing
    • Integrations to Shipping Carries

Healthcare - Integration

Healthcare: Case Study:

healthcare case study
  • A premier Accountable Care Organization (ACO) @ Massachusetts, USA
  • Implement Enterprise Integration Platform – HIX & HIE and MDM (Providers & Members).
Business Requirement
  • To comply with the new requirement to integrate the HIX for the Member enrollment, Eligibility verification and Premiums
  • Replacement of the Provider contract and Credentialing application
  • Challenges to Integrate HIE for Clinical data Management across the enterprise
  • Data sync issues for Member and Provider data
    • Inaccurate Data collection, processing activities and report the exceptions in business workflow actions
  • Automate the Member Data integration for enrollment and eligibility verification. Acquire an integration platform to HIX – Health Insurance Exchange as mandated by HHS/State Health
  • Integrate the new Provider (Cactus) system with the Member Management, Network Directory, Care and Medical management systems
  • Integrate the Clinical data from HIE to the Care and Medical management systems
  • Single source of truth for the Provider and Member data repository
  • Implement Enterprise Services based on Industry models
Our Solution
Strategy Phase:
  • Review HIX/HIE Infrastructure, Development , Delivery and Security requirements to support t Enterprise Integration Platform build
  • Define data management strategy for current and future organizational needs
Architecture & Design:
  • Analyze source systems & capture detailed requirements
  • Architect SOA solution & define services , design enterprise data model
  • Build Enterprise Integration platform to support HIX/HIE
  • Build interfaces for the new Provider and Clinical EMR system integration across internal/external partners
  • Implement EMPI for the PROVIDER Registry
Technology : Talend Unified Platform
healthcare enterprise integration

Banking - Data Quality

Banking - Data Quality: Case Study

banking data quality case study
  • A Premier Bank (Fortune 100 company) in United States

  • Create a Data Quality Framework
Business Requirement
  • Reactive Data Quality negatively impacting business integrity, potential legal issues for non- compliance and Regulatory pressures
  • Inconsistent data feeding into Reporting systems, thus impacting decision making, and increase cost of support infrastructure
  • Missing transparency and accountability of source system data
  • Internal Audit & Compliance required additional focus on data management
  • Successfully implemented the internal audit controls focused on data quality and established foundational Data Governance elements
  • Demonstrable improvement in data quality and hence increased trust on data and information by business users and senior management
Our Solution
  • Implemented DQ program for proactive profiling and measuring of data quality before Data Warehouse feed
  • Developed profiling scripts to replace 100’s of sql queries for iterative tuning and refinement of file controls and regulatory compliances
  • Dynamic automation and management of business rules on incoming data based on previous period thresholds
  • Created infrastructure for identifying and supporting data quality initiatives
  • Implemented Data Quality Framework including a data quality monitoring & reporting dashboard.
Technology : Talend DQ Platform


MDM-CDH: Case Study

MDM CDH case study
  • A premier Records management company in USA

  • Implement CDH to provide Customer 360 degree View
Business Requirement
  • Managing the customer's information from different sources
  • Managing the Customer and address information
  • Notices being sent to wrong addresses
  • Data accuracy and Quality issues, that caused a lot of manual effort being utilized in analyzing the individual cases and taking corrective actions
  • Manage the related reference data in each source
  • Business will have an integrated customer record view which is integrated back to the source system
  • Customers and their addresses shall be managed well when mergers/acquisitions are taken place
  • Generate cross sell opportunities; Consistent information enables firms to serve the customer better
  • Enterprise Reporting & Business Intelligence present customer information accurately
MDM data management
Our Solution
Strategy Phase:
  • Review data governance & organizational standards and policies
  • Define data management strategy for current and future organizational needs of master data
Architecture & Design:
  • Analyze source systems & capture detailed requirements
  • Architect CDI solution & define interfaces, design data model
  • Create CDI Hub, load data all the day from source to base objects
  • Standardize and clean data
  • Apply match rules and automate match & merge process
  • Develop interfaces to CDI Hub to source and downstream applications.
Technology : Talend MDM Platform

Artha’s Talend Consultants help organizations transform by using its Business Aligned IT framework. Take advantage of Artha's deep industry vertical domain knowledge combined with the powerful easy-to-use Talend data management platform for data integration, application integration, Talend big data, Talend MDM, data quality, Talend data profiling and business process management tools.

talend unified platform

Talend MDM Platform: A set of functions for master data management that provides functionality for integration, quality, governance, mastering and collaborating on enterprise data.

Talend Unified Platform for Data Integration : An application for data integration job design with a graphical development environment.

  • Talend Enterprise Data Integration: extends Talend Data Fabric for Data Integration with technical support and additional features
  • Talend Data Management Platform: turn disparate, duplicate sources of data into trusted stores of consolidated information
  • Talend Data Services Platform: a comprehensive unified data, application and service integration solution that lessens the impact of changing data structures while making the management of data across domains easier.

Talend Unified Platform for Data Quality: A data profiling tool that examines the content, structure and quality of complex data structures

Talend ESB Standard Edition: An Apache-based enterprise service bus

  • Talend ESB: an enterprise service bus and a standards-based connectivity layer used to integrate distributed systems across functional, enterprise and geographic boundaries. It is powered by the Apache CXF, Apache Camel and Apache ActiveMQ integration projects
  • Talend Enterprise ESB: extends Talend ESB with advanced deployment and management functions
  • Talend Platform for Enterprise Integration:unifies business process management, application integration and data management allowing firms to increase business productivity, deliver projects faster, and lower operating costs
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