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organize data with talend

In today’s world with explosion of systems and the data generated by systems, it is hard to integrate the data that is spread across the on-premise systems, cloud applications, customers and partners, sensors and the Internet of Things (IOT). To make this work simple, you have Talend Data fabric software. But do you have the in-house expertise with Talend Data Fabric?

You need the certified experts and certified Talend consultants to be able to accelerate your Talend implementation services and do it right within your budget and time. Count on us for our expertise on Talend DI, DQ (Data Quality), ESB, MDM and Big Data. We have delivered more number of projects than any Talend consulting firm in the world. With our Talend certified consultants, developers and architects combined with our industry experience, we delivered number of successful implementation and Upgrade projects on both on premise and cloud integration such as AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud and Google Cloud platforms. Our team has delivered numerous trainings representing Talend professional services team and enabled customers for successful implantation of solutions.

Our World's Fastest MDM Rollout

Artha’s Talend consulting services helps growing organizations transform by using its Business Aligned IT framework. Take advantage of Artha's deep industry vertical domain knowledge combined with Talend ETL platform components such as Talend DI, Data Quality, MDM (Master Data Management), Big Data, Application Integration, and Business Process Management.

Our Talend Services

Architecture and Installation

Implementation Services

Upgrade Services

Support Services

Workforce Enablement

Architecture and Installation:

  • Artha Solutions Talend Architects Conduct requirements assessment and provide the road map and for a successful deployment of Talend data fabric solution footprint, Hardware sizing.
  • Artha's Certified Talend Consultants helps organizations transform by using its Business Aligned IT framework.
  • Install and configure Talend Enterprise or open studio platforms either On-Premise or on the AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms.

Implementation Services:

  • Talend Big Data Management - Deployment of Talend big data management solutions and native support capabilities for Hadoop, NoSQL and MapReduce. Our Talend certified consultants have delivered solutions encompassing various big data distributions using Hortonworks, Cloudera or Amazon’s EMR, to address data crunching, quality and mastering requirements.
  • Application Integration - Architect and execute solutions to address enterprise wide data integration strategy using Talend ESB; integrate various internal and third party external vendors.
  • Talend MDM - Design, development and deployment of Master Data Management solutions using Talend MDM components. [Customer data hub for financial customers; Patients or Providers data for healthcare customers; Producers or participants for insurance markets; products of locations for retail customer]. Our certified Talend consultants have delivered or enabled more than fifty percent of the Talend MDM product implementations across the globe.
  • Talend Data Integration - Business-to-business or business-to-consumer applications, we have built and deployed data integration solutions to integrate data using the Talend ETL and Talend DI capabilities.
  • Talend Data Quality - Support organizations in defining and implementing Talend data quality rules, profiling, and mapping in support of various organizational initiatives.
  • Business Process Management - Create and optimize business processes with Talend Open Studio for BPM.

Upgrade Services:

  • Technical upgrade - Upgrade your existing Talend platform to the latest Talend platform versions. Artha has many successful product upgrades under the belt, our upgrade services includes upgrades from older versions to latest versions.
  • Business Continuity - Process analysis to understand the impact of product upgrade, define critical path business use cases, perform end-to-end testing of use cases to ensure reduced risk of business disruption and smooth business continuity post upgrade.

Support Services:

  • Post Implementation - Artha’s Talend Consulting Services Provide post implementation (services) support on all the implementations and engagements.
  • Keeps the lights on - Provide cost effective ongoing support and maintenance from Artha’s Talend Consultants. Lend support around all data management and integration areas that are supported by Talend and beyond. Provide continuous improvements to fine tune processes, automation and monitoring to ensure organizations focus on their business objectives, while we Artha’s Talend Expert take care of keeping the lights on.

Workforce Enablement:

  • Workforce enablement by providing dedicated content based on organizational needs and complexities.
  • Hands on exercises designed based on the Industry specific knowledge and use cases.
  • Custom solutions using customer specific use cases, data and environments.

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