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Delivery Solution Center

Artha Solutions’ Delivery Center provides efficient quality services without the hassle of building out one’s own infrastructure, test environments, and freeing up resources so they can focus on core business and value creation projects.

Value Proposition


  • Frees up cash resources as well as a capacity on in-house systems
  • Powerful BI solutions become affordable and can be more easily re-configured on demand
  • Minimal investment in infrastructure, mainly network expansion
  • No investment in building a development environment
  • Reduces redundant SW/HW purchases & license cost
  • Reduces client IT effort needed to build & maintain an in house data warehouse
  • Reduces reporting costs through flexible & scalable reporting infrastructure & tools
  • Reduces application development & maintenance cost by utilizing skilled professionals
  • Reduces data purchases & redundancy cost through consolidation & eliminating duplicate sources


  • Allows client to focus on core business & value creation rather than building infrastructures
  • Offers flexible solutions that are able to support business changes & growth in the right pace & price
  • Drives profitability by deploying advanced BI tools & techniques to enable better products matching to the right customers, speed up time to market, and ensure timely decisions, etc.
  • Increase customer spending & enhance marketing returns by enabling a better, now affordable analytics that drive more effective customer reaction campaigns
  • Reduces losses by enabling a solid risk management capabilities
  • Creates new services for clients such as providing data to support their marketing or providing in-house analytics excellence


  • Better quality & highly scalable equipment & software with larger capacity & resilience
  • Improves quality of data by deploying best practices & advanced data cleansing tools & stills
  • Improves performance management & management reporting through enhanced abilities to relate data across the enterprise & more quickly add new data when needed
  • Eliminates / prevents non-coordinated data warehouse initiatives within the company
  • Faster transparent information access including access to remote / external data
  • Meets storage needs for vast volumes of data